All The Leaked Details About Kengan Omega’s Next Chapter!

Kengan Omega confirms something release date of chapter 81 and fans can just not wait. We have git a lot of inside information from a close source. Check out all the details and suppliers you need to know.

The 81st Chapter

Kengan Omega is a Japanese based series of animated cartoon composed by Yabako Sandrovich. It has a place in hearts of not just the Japanese, but also it is hugely famously all around the world. The scenes in the cartoon are based on combative techniques, and Doraemon provided its representation.

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Talking about the release date of the 81st chapter that has been leaked recently. It is likely to be delivered on 15th October in Japan followed by all the countries in the world. The first impression of the chapter has amazed everyone and fans seem just to love it.


From the sources, we can give spoilers of the scenes in the 81st chapter where Misasa was exceptionally right near Hikaru. Misasa then tosses the snare in an imposing manner towards him, which he has learnt from his past experiences.


Misasa shows his sexy moves in the ring which will win many hearts. During the fight, he tries to kick his opponent and nearly misses after which Misasa allows him to take the first move and destroy him.


However, Misasa will be in the winning end, and he will win the hearts of many. The fight will be one to be remembered for a pretty long time. And we expect fans to be obsessed with the 81st chapter. What do you think about it?


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