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Amazon Kindle: Unveiling The New System To All The Modern Kindles

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

The e-reader, developed by Amazon, has turned out to be one of the finest e-readers available. Those craving to read a book for long can now do easily from any place at any time during the day using Amazon Kindle. Storage for thousands of e-books, sharp screen, front lights, and its relative affordability makes Kindle the ideal e-reader.

The Kindle Paperwhite has turned out to be a people favourite with its advanced features and a wide variety of content. It also comes with an option to pair with a set of Bluetooth Speakers for people who enjoy listening to stuff.

After being delayed substantially due to several bugs, Amazon has now launched a new system to all the new kindles. After enjoying tremendous success all across the globe, Amazon has come up with a new version of their e-reader Kindle. The new firmware update was pushed out by Amazon in February 2020. The new Kindle, titled Kindle Aa, comes along with multiple benefits of its own. Amazon unveiled this new system on 10th April 2020.

Amazon Kindle
The all-new Amazon Kindle with a built-in light feature.

What’s new?

Users are likely to receive enhanced reading experiences. Flexibility and a higher degree of control are some of the critical benefits of the new system. Instead of browsing through various menus and sub-menus, amazon has now clubbed all the functions, settings and other settings into one section by carefully rearranging a few things. There are several sections inside the Kindle A menu, such as themes, layout, font, and so on. The first section comprises of ideas and giving users the ability to customize their Kindle theme as per their preference.

Amazon Kindle
Get all the latest and famous books in Amazon Kindle now.

The font section gives the users to change the font size and make it bold. Also, the display can be used in both portrait and landscape simultaneously; so it gives you the options to adjust the margins, alignment, and line spacing. In addition to all this, users also have to option to switch to system-wide dark mode, making the background black and text white from the settings menu.

The users need to have the version having the framework number 5.12.4. This will enable them to see the new Kindle Aa menu. Amazon has rolled out this update to several older versions.

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