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Amber Heard Bashed By Fans For Not Getting Removed From ’Aquaman 2’ After Depp Resigned From Fantastic Beasts.

Amber Heard is bashed by fans for not getting removed from Aquaman. Since Johnny Depp got removed from Fantastic Beasts, rumours of Amber Heard removed from Aquaman 2 are circulating. But Heard confirms that she will be staring in Aquaman 2 and is very excited, that got fans very angry. After Depp got removed, fans asked Warner Bros to remove Amber Heard too from the Aquaman sequel. Paid campaign and petition are circulated all over the internet to get her removed. Check out all the details about it now.

Johnny Depp Resigns Fantastic Beasts

Last week Johnny Depp took to the internet to confirm that he won’t be doing The Fanatic Beasts. He mentions in his Instagram post that he has been removed by the Warner Bros since is lost the libel case against ‘The Sun’ who called him the wife-beater in their newspaper article. In the post, he mentioned that he respects their decision and hence have resigned from the movie. However, he still received the promised money $10 million for just one scene. The sad news of him getting removed stunned all his fans and created chaos between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp even more.

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Since then, hundreds of thousands of Johnny Depp fans came forward to show their grief about the situation. They even asked Warner Bros, to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman. However, Warner Bros didn’t make any statements about it yet. And there’s no confirmation about Heard getting removed. However, she responded to the paid campaign that wanted her out.


After Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorce, a British company published an article against Johnny Depp. In the article, he mentions Johnny Depp as the ‘Wife Beater’. Since Amber sued Johnny Depp for domestic violence. Soon after Depp sued the whole company and the owner for Libel case. The recent judgement on the same was not in Depp’s favour. He lost the libel case and one of his biggest project. He was asked to resign from the Fantastic Beasts.

Amber Heard Responds.

She started by tweeting that she is very excited to shoot for Aquaman 2. The 34-year-old actor mentions that she has recently received a lot of love for her role in Aquaman. And next week she will w going to Mera to shoot for the movie. And she can’t wait to go there and complete her shoot. She thanks her fans for all the love and support she got.


However, she then mentions about the paid campaign that is circulated to get her removed. She tweeted
“Paid rumours and paid campaigns on social media don’t dictate (casting decisions) because they have no basis in reality”. She in a way confirmed that even if people are trying to get her removed she is still a part of the movie.


However, Amber has received a lot of hate after her tweet by the Depp fans. Fans think it has been an unfair treatment for Depp. Since he was removed for his personal life reasons and Amber Heard wasn’t. Johnny’s fans started flooding Amber’s social media comment section by trolling her.


However, Amber Heard is unbothered and is travelling next week to continue with her shoot in ‘Aquaman 2’. Stay tuned with us for more such updates about your favourite celebrity. What do you tho k about Amber still doing the movie?


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