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Amber Heard Celebrates Her Win Weeks Before The Final Verdict

Amber Heard Posts Picture On Social Media
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Amber Heard Celebrates Her Win Weeks Before The Final Verdict: It looks like Amber Heard is having a great vacation after ex-husband Johnny Depp was asked to be there for the deposition against the defamation lawsuit. Yes, we are talking about the court here. The ongoing drama is about to come to an end finally after years.

A lot is allegations against both of them were put in the past few years. And the only news would possibly hear was the lawsuits claimed against each other. Fans who gave up on the idea of having a clear picture of the two’s confusing past, soon you will get what you always needed. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Recent Trial

Recently the famous Hollywood actor Amber Heard was was seen enjoying her Autumn in Los Angeles. Fans connect this with the scandal she has with Depp. It seems like she is enjoying it because of a minor win she had in the court recently. And why wouldn’t she? Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have this unsolved thing going on for years now. Finally, we can see an end to it coming with the upcoming verdict in November.


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have one of the most controversial relationships if all time. They never fail to be in the headlines for their very scandalous drama. According to the reports, The two first met in 2011, after which they started dating, and things were pretty good for them back then until they got married in 2015.


Soon after they got married, it looked like they weren’t happy with one another. And rumours related to marriage failure, cheating, violence were coming up all together. For those who don’t know, Amber is 23 years younger to Depp. But as we say, age is just a number. The trust of this relationship was just a big mess. Depp and Heard filed for a divorce in 2016.

The Ongoing Depp and Heard Drama

According to the reports, things were pretty ugly between the two. Soon after the divorce, Amber Heard put a lawsuit against Depp of million dollars for domestic violence. After which in several interviews Heard mentioned that Depp used to give her sexual threats. He even used to beat her over small things.


However, this wasn’t the only story; Depp had something even crazy things say. Drop then accused Amber of cheating on him with Elon Musk. The drama never ended, and both seemed to be a lot involved in one another life until now. However, recently the two have been continuously seen enjoying their own respective lives.


Picture via google images

Amber Heard is living her best life in Los Angeles. And her social media account is proof of it. She recently posted a picture of her horseriding. Where she looks adorable yet happy, she was seen wearing a casual white shirt tucked in a blue denim pant. She has tied her hair up in a bun and has worn a red hairband which makes her look even cuter. Heard looks extremely happy in the picture and for some reason, fans think it is because of her win in some way related to the verdict.


Johnny Depp is called in Virginia and is scheduled for three back to back days. It is for the inquiry and deposition of his defamation case. However, nobody exactly knows what will happen about the issue. Still, soon we are going to know about it after the verdict in the first week of November. What do you think of it?

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