Amber Heard Confirms She Is The Mom And Dad To The Boss Baby.

Amber Heard does not fail to confirm that she is living her best life with her three-month-old daughter. she recently uploaded a picture with her calling her the boss lady. The picture is a perfect combination of her personal and professional life. It describes how she manages to be with a baby girl and at the same time managing her professional life. Fans are so obsessed with the picture as it goes viral over different social media platforms. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Amber And Her Daughter

The 35-year-old beautiful superstar uploads a picture with a three-month-old baby girl. She captioned the picture saying that she is the mom in the dad. The picture just reflects positivity love and affection. She does not shy away from the fact that she manages to be with a young baby girl without the help of a male figure at the moment.

Picture via google images.

It looks like the Aquaman star has the parenting guide to herself. and she has figured out exactly how she wants to take care of her baby girl. In the past few weeks, she has uploaded a bunch of pictures with her baby girl named Oonagh. baby baby girl looks adorable in the pictures and parents cannot just resist but to show love and affection to them. Moreover, fans insist on seeing more of their relationship.


In the picture that was uploaded recently, we can see that to looking at a laptop screen. We can see Amber Heard with a bare face looking all simple. Soon after Amber Heard uploaded the picture with her three-month-old. It went viral over different social media platforms and wrote the Internet entirely. Fans have showered enough love and affection in the comment section below asking and insisting Amber Heard share more pictures with a baby girl. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show and celebrity.

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