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Amber Heard Criticized for Going β€˜Braless’ at a Mosque in Turkey.

Amber HeardΒ social media is evidence that she is living her best life. She is off on a vacation to Turkey in spite of the Pandemic. After the recent Johnny Depp scandal, she is off for a break from her busy controversial life.

The Caption says β€˜emergency’.

The 35-year-old actress is currently on a vacation to Turkey, Istanbul. In a social media post wearing a black deep neck bikini with a white towel. She sits at the edge of the boat. Amber captioned it as SPF1000 + beautiful beach + ADD – an emergency that must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY = beach-bag library.” fans are confused as what’s that supposed to mean.

Amber was also holding her laptop and a few books in the image. And she mentioned emergency in her bikini picture. According to the sources she was the distance away from the mosque in a bikini.

Amber heard claimed to be defaming ex-husband Johnny Depp and is facing a $50 million lawsuit. She has been in much trouble recently. From calling her ex-managers sexual assault story like hers to defaming ex-husband over baseless claims to even cheating. But now it looks like is getting more problematic.

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Amber bashed by her own followers.

After that, Amber is criticised by her own Instagram fans for going braless in a religious place like a mosque. Fans call it a major disrespect. She has trolled badly by her own followers.Β Amber faced online backlash for “showing nipples” and β€˜dressing inappropriately. As she visited a Turkish mosque while in a hijab.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

The actress had dressed conservatively at first glance, wearing a loose and a cream blouse and a linen jacket. However she wore a pinkΒ headscarf offering minimal head coverage. But mosque being a religious place and hence it was not acceptable. Twitter was quick to spot a braless scenario and so slamming HeardΒ for disrespectful behaviour towards the Turkish God, people and religion.

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