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Amber Heard: Guilty Or Misunderstood?

Amber in Aquaman
Queen Mera

.Amber Heard is currently one of the most controversial people in Hollywood. With Warner Bros firing Johnny Depp from both The Fantastic Beasts and The Pirates of the Caribbean franchises and news of Amber reprising her role in Aquaman 2 as “Mera“, we thought its high time to get some info to our fellow readers.

Amber Heard as Queen Mera in Justice League

The Petition

An online petition byΒ Jeanne Larson urging studio personnel to fire Amber Heard from the upcoming Aquaman sequel received more than 1.5 million signatures recently. Amber Heard met her former spouse Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean, Fantastic Beasts, 21 Jump Street) on the Set of The Rum Diaries and their romance blossomed.

What Happened?

VENICE, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 05: Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard attend a premiere for ‘The Danish Girl’ during the 72nd Venice Film Festival on September 5, 2015, in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

After the release of a Voice Recording between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard- Depp claims to have lost a finger due to the violent nature of his then-wife, Amber was furiously telling Depp how nobody in the Society would believe him.


Before this, Amber claimed about how Johnny was a domestic abuser who hit him regularly. Such allegations finally led to Depp’s departure from the Warner Bros. franchises. In November, Justice Andrew Nicol decreed November 2 that the claim in an article in 2018 by The Sun owned by Rupert Murdoch about his relationship with Heard that Depp was a wife-beater was β€œsubstantially true.”

β€œMen are victims of domestic abuse, just like women. This must be recognised, and one should take action to prevent a known abuser from being celebrated within the entertainment industry, Do the right thing. Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2.” Larsen wrote.

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The Result

Mr Depp’s libel claim against the publisher of TheΒ Sun, News Group Newspapers (NGN), was dismissed last month and the judge has since said an appeal does not have a “reasonable prospect of success.

Jhonny Depp got fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Even if the franchise continues, it might only have spinoffs. He permanently got fired from The Fantastic Beasts franchise, and Madds Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, Dr Strange, The Hunt) has got recast in the role of Grindlewald.

What’s Next?

Queen Mera in Aquaman

Heard’s next venture isΒ  4 Part HBO Max Miniseries: Justice League The Snyder Cut.Β Mera will appear in some additional sequences set in Atlantis and the Knightmare sequence. Aquaman willΒ hit the theatres in 2022.


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