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Amber Heard In Talks For A Role In Pirates Of The Caribbean

Unshakable Amber Heard's reaction
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Amber Heard hit where it hurts. Johnny Depp just lost his appeal against the latest UK court ruling in his “wife beater” case. This led to his exit from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The Sauce

New reports claim that the Jack Sparrow actor’s ex-wife Amber Heard is “in talks” with Margot Robbie. She wants to join Johnny’s former franchise herself.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp portrayed the main protagonist of the Pirates of the Carribbean Movie series. Due to his portrayal of Jack Sparrow, the Disney franchise was a massive hit. Depp was removed from his other major franchise too. Earlier this month, Warner Bros announced it had asked him to withdraw from the Fantastic Beasts movies. He was playing the main villain Gellert Grindelwald.Β 

Unshakable Amber Heard's reaction
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There has been fan outrage calling for the firing of Heard from Aquaman 2.Β Hence it would be salt on the wound if a new rumor is to be believed. Moreover, this would put Heard in the Pirates of the CaribbeanΒ franchise.

The Inside Story

Amber Heard has spoken to Margot Robbie about possibly appearing in herΒ Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff series. Meanwhile sources are not clear, or how far Heard has gotten into this process. Heard’s casting would be the ultimate check-mate to her ex-husband.

Unshakable Amber Heard's reaction
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Moreover, Disney also hired Birds of PreyΒ writerΒ Christina Hodson for the project. Disney probably is looking for a female-centered Pirates spinoff with a gang of new pirates. But there isΒ  a fair chance that this news is not actual piece of potential casting news. It also can be a really articulated and clever joke between Margot Robbie and Amber Heard.

Unshakable Amber Heard's reaction
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Amber her reprises her role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League next year. She also has a major project “Aquaman 2” in 2022.

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