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Amber Heard Is Done With Controversies As She Disables Comment Section After Latest Uproar From Netizens !

Amber Heard
Source: Indian Express

Amber Heard Shares Pictures From Turkey Vacation

Amber Heard is trying to escape the toxicity that has come into her life this year. After her legal spat with ex-husband Johnny Depp, she decided to take some time off everything and go for a vacation. Now she is having a chill time in Turkey and visiting every place she can that exuberates nature and ancient architecture at its best. Recently she shared a picture from the sea where she is wearing a sexy outfit and is having a gala time. Her caption looks interesting which says, β€œSPF1000 + beautiful beach + ADD – emergency that must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY = beach-bag library.”

Amber Heard Has Her Comments Section Disabled In Her Instagram Profile

Those who regularly follow celebrity gossip would know about the recent backlash that she received for an Instagram post. In one of her pictures from Turkey, she posted her visit to a mosque in Turkey. However, people did not like the outfit that she was wearing for a mosque visit. People were particularly offended about Amber not wearing a bra and that she was not using her headscarf properly as a hijab. After such a backlash, she gave a tight reply from her side as well. However, she has disabled the comment section ever since this incident.

Will Amber Heard Win Against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard had a very ugly battle with Johnny Dep where the two are throwing dirt at each other. The case was a $50 million dollar defamation case that Johnny has pressed against media company The Sun. He did it for an article of The Sun where they call him as a wife-beater based on domestic violence claims by Amber Heard during their divorce case. However, this case saw Johnny and Amber accusing each other of violence with both parties bringing evidence from their side. It will be interesting to see who wins as the losing person will be declared the domestic abuser in their relationship.

Amber Heard
Source: Lifestyl

Amber Heard Coming Up With New Series

Even amid all the controversies, Amber is coming on a new series which is the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand. The show will come in CBS All Access, the OTT platform from CBS.


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