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Amber Heard Join MCU As Sue Storm

Amber Heard

New art imagines that Amber Heard is the Sue Hurricane of the Fantastic Four. Marvel received the rights back to the characters in 2019, waiting for the MCU intro. New art imagines what Amber Heard could sound like the Sue Storm of the MCU, a part of the Fantastic Four. There have been many versions of the Marvel animation team over the years. The original two films were released in 2005 and 2007. Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, and Jessica Alba starred, with Alba playing Sue Storm. The popular version of 2015, Josh Trank, has Kate Mara taking over the role of Sue.

Marvel Purchased the 20th Century.

In 2019, the rights to several characters, including the Incredible Four, returned to Marvel after Disney purchased 20th Century Fox in an unprecedented merger. Since then, fans have asked if the MCU could add the quartet to their already formed world. The Fantastic Four is an immensely successful party, so it’s fair to assume that they will be added at some point. As to when exactly that’s going to happen, it’s under wraps.

ApexForm’s latest fan art imagines the new Sue Storm being taken over by Amber Heard. The art reveals the force of invisibility of Sue Storm. Heard wears the Amazing Four uniform inside what appears like a laboratory. The heard is transparent. Her body is refracting the sunshine from the glass behind her.

New characters for Fantastic four

The fans are happily waiting for the return of the Great Four. Since the film’s debacle in 2015 and the overlooked early 2000s iterations, every new adaptation is most welcome. With Marvel’s magic touch added, it’s all but assured that their edition wouldn’t be quite as devastating as previous iterations. With the characters now expected to bounce off, the Fantastic Four will have a whole different dynamic.

When Marvel is gearing up for Phase 4 and the inevitable eruption of the Multiverse, the characters may be launched that way, even though the studio head Kevin Feige has said that their appearance is a long way off.

Meera in Aquaman

As for Heard, well, it’s doubtful that she’ll play another part at the Whatis stage. The actress is already acting in a DCEU property like Meera in Aquaman. She’s going to play her role in the sequel, but criticism has grown against her in her heated legal fights with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Unfortunately, the backlash might have diminished her once rising star; Depp’s reputation has also been damaged. No matter who plays Sue Storm, though, everyone is waiting for the Fantastic Four’s latest iteration, only to see how the virtually cursed characters can be successfully taken to the big screen.

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