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Amber Heard Posts Stunning Bikini Picture In Spite Of The Controversy With Johnny Depp

In spite of the latest controversy of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, Heard has flown to Turkey to live her best life. In her latest social media posts, she is in full vacation mode and is enjoying her life the fullest. She doesn’t seem to care about her ex-husband controversy or even the pandemic. Fans have gone wild after seeing her latest sexy picture in a black low cut bikini. she has slammed it with a chic hairstyle and sunglasses

Amber Heard and Johnny Depo’s controversy.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard first met in 2011 in β€˜the rum diaries’. They got married in 2015 and soon after in 2017 finalized their divorced for physical abuse from both the sides. Heard claimed that Johnny was abusive through our their relationship and use to physically and mentally abuse her. Although her recording was then leaked where she was admitting that she was the one who use to bashed Depp with pots and pans.


In 2018 Heard filed $1 million court case against Depp for physical abuse. Later in 2019, Depp filed $50 million court case against Heard for defamation and false allegations. However, Amber doesn’t seem to bother about all these scandals and is off for a vacation.

Amber Bikini picture.

Yesterday Amber uploaded an amazing picture of her in a black bikini and white shrug sitting on the edge of the boat. In the picture is holding a laptop and books. Heard captioned it as β€˜SPF 1000 + beautiful beach + ADD emergency that must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY = beach – bag library.

Amber is in Turkey, Istanbul on a vacation. She had been problematic there as well. Fans trolled Heard for going braless at a mosque. People say it is a big disrespect to their God, their religion and their people. Later Amber slapped bak on Twitter giving her side of the story.

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