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Amber Heard Reveals About The Time Johnny Threw Bottles At Her Like ‘GRENADES’ !

Amber Heard
Source: Indulge Express

Johnny Threw Bottles Like Grenades, Says Amber Heard

The court case between Johnny and The Sun seems to have become a never-ending affair. People from all over the world are witnessing the many twists and turns in the case, which looks more like a case between Johnny and Amber. Amber recently revealed about how Johnny was the one who was toxic in their relationship. She said, “He started picking [bottles] up one by one and throwing them like grenades. One after the other, in my direction, and I felt glass breaking behind me, I retreated more into the bar, and he didn’t stop.”

Amber Heard
Source: Sky News

Amber Defends Herself About Johnny’s Severed Finger

This week, it is Amber’s turn to present her case while it was the other way round last week. Johnny, in his statement, revealed that Amber was the abusive person. He even showed a severed finger which happened when Amber threw a bottle at him. However, this week, Amber defended herself and said that Johnny injured himself while he was throwing a bottle at her. She said, “Yes, he did. I don’t think he meant to sever the finger, but yes he did continue the attack.”

Amber Gives Her Account Of Johnny’s Violence In Los Angeles

Amber Heard shed some light as to what happened in Los Angeles. She described the incident as the most violent incident in their relationship. Even Amber’s sister talked about the same and revealed how Johnny grabbed her hair and punched Amber. Talking about the same, Amber said, “I had bruised ribs, bruises all over my body, bruises on my forearms from trying to defend the blows. I had two black eyes; I had a broken nose, I had a broken lip… the really bad ones (bruises) were in my hairline, on my scalp.”

Amber Heard
Source: Indulge Express

Johnny’s Case Against The Sun

The case is a defamation case that Johnny has pressed against The Sun. The Sun apparently published an article in 2018 with the heading, ‘Gone Potty: How can JK Rowling be ‘genuinely happy’ casting wife-beater Johnny Depp in the new Fantastic Beasts film?’ Johnny has however denied beating Amber and taken the matter to court.


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