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Amber Heard Shares Throwback Picture After Johnny Depp’s Lead Lawyer Gets Kicked Out Off The Court!

Amber Heard Posts Picture On Social Media
source: Radio Nova

The Hollywood Actress Amber Heard and ex-wife of Johnny Depp shares a sexy picture on her social media account. However, the Divorce related case of Amber and Depp’s is yet to be solved, and the issue might take more time to come to a judgment. Moreover, Depp’s lead lawyer has been kicked out of the lawsuit as he misleads the opposition and leaked crucial data in the press. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and know more about the same.

Amber Heard Posts Picture On Social Media

Amber Heard Posts Picture On Social Media
source: Vulture

The boys love Mandy Lane star shared a Throwback picture the next day when the court’s judgment turned out in her favour. However, it’s been more than a month since the domestic violence case against Depp is yet to resolve. Moreover, she posted the picture with the caption “witch Stole My Look.” The actress wore a horn on her head while dressed up all black and a black choker and red lipstick.


About Amber Heard

Amber Heard Posts Picture On Social Media
source: Sarcasm.co

Amber Heard is a Hollywood actress and a model born on April 22, 1986, in Austin, Texas. She made her acting debut f in a minor supporting role in the sports drama Friday Night Lights; Heard later made an appearance in many such shows as a supporting artist. However, the actress-model personality received the chance to play the lead in the film. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane was released in 2006. It was a Hit Film but not enough for Heard To get a big break. Talking On her dating life, the actress got married to Johnny Depp. However, they later got divorced and are single now. Moreover, she dated Elon musk for a year.

Amber Heard’s Social Media Following

Amber Heard Posts Picture On Social Media
source: The Blast

The model’s Social media fan base is vast, as her followers’ count is more than 3 Million. At the same time, the post count is 978. Moreover, the Bio Says, “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” indeed is a real inspiration to all.

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