Amber Heard Sues Ex-Husband Johnny Depp For $100 Million Again For This? Get to know about their ongoing scandal now.
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Amber Heard Sues Ex-Husband Johnny Depp For $100 Million Again For This?

Amber Heard Sues Ex-Husband Johnny Depp For $100 Million Again For This?: The ongoing drama between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is endless. After the couple confirmed their divorce back in 2017, since then the two are busy transiting one another, every week they claim lawsuits on one another.

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Relationship.

Heard and Depp first met in 2011, at the set of The rum diaries. The couple got married in 2015 and confirmed their split in 2017 due to ‘domestic abuse.’

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
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For once Heard claims that Depp was the abuse one in the relationship. Every time she uses to wear something sexy, he uses to assault her sexually. She claims that once Depp even said he was to watch her wife get raped.

Their no prof to that being right in fact, Depp claimed that Amber was the abusive one in the relationship. In the meantime, Heard’s one voice recording goes viral in which she says she used to hit Depp with pots and pans.

The Ongoing Scandal.

A lot has gone off after that, from heard claiming a $5 million lawsuit on abuses. After that, Depp claims a $50 million case on defamation and false allegations.

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Aquaman star counter sues Depp with double the charge of his lawsuit. According to the reports, Heard claims that as part of his ongoing smear campaign, Mr Depp has directed both authentic and inauthentic social media accounts and “bots” to target Ms Heard’s Twitter account and attempt to interfere with her contracts and business.

From loving each other from ride to die to claim million-dollar lawsuits against each other, this couldn’t have been any more problematic. Even after three years of the actual confirmation of divorce, they are still into each other’s lives for the bad. What do you think about the two suing each other again and again?

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