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Amber Heard’s Assistant Accuses Amber Of Using Her Sexual Assault Story Against Johnny Depp !

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Why Is Johnny Depp Visiting The Court

Amber Heard’s: Johnny Depp has sued the media tabloid The Sun for a news article written by them. As per the article, it called Johnny Depp a ‘wife-beater’. On hearing about the news, Johnny sued the media tabloid for defaming his name. However, The Sun defends the article as true. They claim that the article was written based on Amber’s divorce petition in which she accused Johnny of physical assault. Johnny and Amber were in a relationship and eventually got married. However, the two had an ugly divorce where they both accused each other of verbal and physical abuse.

Johnny Depp
Source: Vanity Fair

Amber Heard’s Ex-Assistant Accuses Amber Of Stealing Her Sexual Assault Story

Kate James was Amber Heard’s assistant in the past. Kate has added another dimension which might become an important part of the case. Amber Heard gave an account of the physical violence by Johnny. However, Kate revealed that Amber has stolen her sexual assault experience and turned it conveniently for her benefit. She said, “I discovered that Ms Heard had in fact stolen my sexual violence conversation with her and twisted it into her own story to benefit herself.

Amber’s Ex-Assistant Is Distressed About Amber Manipulating Her Experience

Kate revealed she was very disturbed by knowing that Amber had gone so low against Johnny. She revealed that she was naturally angry at Amber was using her nightmare experience to gain some advantage in a divorce case. She said, “This, of course, caused me extreme distress and outrage that she would dare to attempt to use the most harrowing experience of my life as her own narrative.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Amber’s Ex-Assistant Sheds Some Light On Amber’s Drinking Problem

Johnny’s ex-butler was the first one to talk about Amber’s drinking problems. He revealed Amber would drink two wine bottles. It was she who was abusive in the relationship. Furthermore, taking the story forward, Kate revealed that Amber used to send her drunken late-night texts where she abused her. She said, “I used to receive a barrage of drunken text messages between 2 am, and 4 am that was incoherent and abusive” It is to be seen how the case will twist and turn in the coming days.

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