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Amber Heard’s Role May Be Reduced In Aquaman 2 Due To Her Ongoing Case With Jhonny Depp!

Personal lives can sometimes affect our official life too. It is like the same thing is happening with Amber Heard. She is already going through a lot of problems because of Jhonny Depp’s case. Now her role is also getting reduced due to this in Aquaman 2

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Amber Heard’s Role As Mera Will Be Reduced In Aquaman 2

She has been accused of domestic violence from her former husband, Jhonny Depp. Hence it is claimed that Heard’s role will be reduced following those allegations on her. Depp demands $ 50 million, claiming she lied about domestic abuse and for false allegations about him. Youtuber Grace Randolph has posted regarding this on Twitter.

“One more post for today: Ezra Miller & Johnny Depp are definitely inΒ Fantastic BeastsΒ 3, Amber Heard is definitely inΒ Aquaman 2 However they are shooting so that Depp & Heard’s roles can be decreased if bad press…” tweeted Randolph.

New Female Character Will Be Introduced

Since Amber Heard’s role is getting reduced in Aquaman 2, a new character is going to be introduced in the film. A new female character will be presented in the film to balance the time-space of Amber Heard’s role. “Also, a new female character will be in AquamanΒ 2,” said Randolph.

Amber Heard Is Trying All Possible Ways

Amber Heard and Jhonny Depp’s case has occupied most of the spaces in the tabloid in recent times. Though both are trying hard to get out of the case, it goes in vain. Amber Heard has claimed a counterclaim of $100Β  from Jhonny Depp this summer. There have been many unsuccessful attempts made by her team to toss the case out of the court. No one knows what will happen next in the case. Hence the outcomes are unpredictable.

The ongoing case can also affect the filming of Fantastic Beasts 3 as Jhonny Depp might have to appear in the court.

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