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Amber No Longer In Aquaman: The Petition Signed By 400k+ Viewers To Remove From Aquaman 2!

Amber no longer in Aquaman

There has been a lot of ongoing drama around us. We are aware of the fact that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are involved in one of these. Now, Amber no longer in Aquaman part 2. Let’s read more about it.

Amber No Longer In Aquaman: The Petition

It all started with that one article by Amber Heard, which she wrote in the WashingtonΒ Post. Here, to put it briefly, she wrote about how she has gone through a hard time. Why? Because she was in an abusive relationship.

Amber Heard did not mention a name, but she directed this towards Johnny Depp. Currently, Johnny Depp has faced a lot of accusations because of this.

I’m fact; Amber is the one who has a history of abuse from way back in 2009 from a cop. She also cut Johnny’s finger once with a vodka bottle, and he had to get surgery. She was only acting like the victim when, in reality, she is the abuser. A lot of fans aren’t happy with this and want some hard decisions taken.

Amber no longer in Aquaman
Johnny Depp and his wife, Amber Heard is going through personal conflicts.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp had faced accusations because of his ex-wife, Amber. She even went as far as drawing fake bruises on herself to prove that. Her stylist herself confirmed that whatever Amber was claiming isn’t right as she did not notice any cuts or scars on her.

Elon Musk

Now, we must wonder, how does this businessman come in view? Amber was cheating with Elon while she was with Johnny, in his penthouse. The workers living there confirm this too. As Johnny left, she dated him, and they soon split up. We can say that Elon knew better and could guess what was coming.

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Amber No Longer In Aquaman: More Than 400k signs

Since the incident, fans have put up petitions on various places online. The most prominent one isΒ this. You can sign this, too; it is anonymous.

Amber was to star in the new superhero DC movie Aquaman 2. The first part was a success, but things are looking rough for this part. Fans absolutely no not want to see an abuser and liar on screen.

Amber no longer in Aquaman
Jason Momoa and Amber Heard from Aquaman.

The Results

As a result, Amber has been trying to play it off cool. A few days ago, she claimed she had found true love (after two failed attempts), and it was not a person, it was the passion for cooking.

In the courts to she is facing charges for up to $50 million and lawsuit. She could never have imagined that things would turn out this bad. Do you want to not see Amber in the upcoming Aquaman 2? Sign the petition!

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