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AMD And Intel Towards World’s Super Fast Computer


About AMD’s Amazing And Shocking Announcement

Today we will be talking about the topic which has flooded all tech-related news, articles an all other related channels. But let us see, what the reality is.Β This article will be focusing on some of the amazing and surprising marvels of the technology industry.

AMD announced the manufacturing of the world’s super-fast computer. It will be exceeding the processing power by 1.5 exaflops.Β To calculate these enhanced algorithms and measures this super-fast processing speed will be used. This will help them to speed up their nuclear research.

Two Essential And Interesting Specifications From AMDΒ 

Following are the two essential and unique feature everyone is talking about. These are the amazing features that everyone is talking about.Β 

  • Custom AMD EPYC CPUs optimized for HPC and AI
  • Purpose-built HBM-enabled Radeon Instinct GPUs

These marvels will be pushing the ends and boundaries of current amazing processors in the market. To enable such achievements the U.S Department of Energy and AMD are working together with full coordination.

These collaborations also state that amazing innovations can cause all other tech giants to push their limits and boundaries.

World's fastest supercomputer coming to US, built by Cray and AMD ...

Intel’s Shocking Announcement

Intel announced its newly manufactured mobile processors. Ryzen 94900H and 4900HS. These processors have already crossed their boundaries in comparison with their old processors. These processors have achieved a speed of 5GHz and above. Which undoubtedly is amazing.Β 

It is pretty much clear that Intel is trying hard to give a tuff competition to AMD to be at the finest position in the tech world. If we compare Intel’s and AMD’s cores, Intel’s 9th Generation processor has a lower number of clocks in cycling. Which again provides AMD an up notch above Intel. These clearly says that such standards are amazing. Surprisingly even Intel is trying for the same.Β 

Four newly introduced mobile processors are providing an increased clock speed of 5.0 GHz and above. All these are built up with core 3 i7th generation processors. Their thermal design power surprisingly jumps till 45W. Which is considered as normal?Β 

Tech world and its markets are made up of every one to compete with each other. Intel’s 10th Generation processor would provide AMD with an equivalent standard of competition. Anyways the future is full of innovations.

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