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American Podcast Host And Comedian Joe Rogan Respond To Spotify Employees

American Podcast Host And Comedian Joe Rogan Responds To Spotify Employees
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American Podcast Host And Comedian Joe Rogan Respond To Spotify Employees: The Spotify-Joe Rogan drama took an extraordinary turn recently. Rogan revealed in a JRE episode with Tim Dillon that Spotify hasn’t contacted him yet.

Joe Rogan Secured A $100 Million Deal With Spotify In May This Year.

Joe Rogan, the American podcast host and comedian, said that Spotify hasn’t officially communicated with him. So, nothing is clear till then.

In May, Joe secured a $100 million licencing deal with Spotify. The agreement also opened the doors to more than 1500 JRE episodes which weren’t present earlier.

After some time, Rogan announced that his podcasts would air exclusively on Spotify this year. He further added:

“I’m excited to have the support of the largest audio platform in the world and I hope you folks are there when we make the switch!”

Spotify Employees Are Planning To Go On A Full-Time Strike; Joe mentioned That Spotify Did Not Contact Him Even Once

Recently, Spotify employees were determined to gon a full-time strike if their demands remain unheard. An anonymous person who claimed to be a Spotify employee that a strike is being planned in the New York office. The market was to permit the editorial oversights over Rogan’s content.

Nevertheless, it would also give Spotify employees a chance to issue warnings. Further, an opportunity to remove any objectionable content present in JRE podcasts.

Joe Rogan has clearly stated that Spotify did not try to reach out even once. No efforts to establish communication was seen. Dhillion prompted on his show to get Joe to talk about the Spotify controversy.

Rogan Feels That Human Beings Are Malleable

The 53-year-old Joe said:

“They have said nothing to me, Zero. It’s never come up. Now, is there someone at Spotify that’s complaining about the Abigail episode? I am sure.”

He again stressed on the point that someone must be complaining about it. He then asked a question if it was a transphobic episode. Rogan answered his question in affirmative as he said that it had nothing to do with it.

At last, Joe said that the fact is that human beings are malleable.

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