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American Theatres Fail To Gather Audience Amid The Pandemic

American Theatres
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American Theatres Fail To Gather Audience Amid The Pandemic: Movie spectators are still not ready to watch a movie in the theatres of Northern America. Recently released Mulan also lurches in its China release. It debuted at only $23.2 million.

American Theatres Fail To Gather Audience Amid The Pandemic
Source: The Economic Times


COVID-19 Has Taken Its Toll On Movie Theatres Too

COVID-19 has undoubtedly created a panicking environment. This ongoing pandemic has affected everyone worldwide.

Many people lost their jobs. Unemployment rates are escalating like never before. The theatres also bear the brunt of it.

It was the second important weekend for Canadian and the Us theatres. However, moviemakers continue to suffer. For instance, Christopher Nolan’s’sTenet” failed to gather an audience. It collected only $6.7 million from around 2,190 different locations.

After 6 Months, Cinema Halls Are Slowly Opening

The cinema halls got restarted after being shut for six months due to the pandemic. Although cases are increasing, precautions are maintained. But there is a limit to theatres timings and openings. Many films like Wonder Woman 1984 have shifted their release date. The pandemic has lingered longer than expected. All the decisions got revised according to the situation.

This weekend saw only Sony’s’s PG rom-com as a major opener. It gathered around Β $1.1 million from 2,204 locations. The film is written and directed by Natalie Krinsky. It’s Krinsky’s first film. Selena Gomez is the executive producer. The plot revolves around a young gallerist. She creates elegant arts from mementoes of her previous relations.

The studio is confident about the movie’s creativity. It expects a decent box office collection.

According to sources, the film will slowly rise. More and more theatres start opening. So far, two-thirds of the domestic market has begun. However, America’s 2 biggest cities Los Angeles and New York are still closed.

Every Week Is A Litmus Test For Moviegoers

Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst, feels that “Every week is a bit of a litmus test about how potential moviegoers are feeling about going to the theatre.” He further added that slowly the audience would get back.

Well, one needs to be calm in difficult times like these. For sure life will get back to normal one day. Let us hope that this pandemic ends soon. Who does not like to chill in the theatres on their weekends?

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