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Amid Coronavirus Scare, Donald Trump Conducts Indoor Rally In Nevada! Goes Against The Rules Of Governor!

Donald Trump Nevada Coronavirus
Source: Axios

Trump Holds Indoor Rally In Nevada Amid Coronavirus Scare

Donald Trump has no seriousness about the coronavirus pandemic. He recently conducted a rally in Nevada inside a warehouse. The entire warehouse got packed with people, and only a handful of people were wearing a mask. Everything from indoor gathering to not wearing masks increases the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

However, Trump had the least regard for public health to conduct such an event during the pandemic. There was no type of social distancing, and it won’t be a shock if the number shoots up soon in Nevada.

Donald Trump Nevada Coronavirus
Source: Axios

Even After Breaking Rule, Trump Defends Gathering In Nevada

Donald Trump feels he is doing the right thing by conducting physical rallies in closed spaces. As per Trump, the governors of Democratic states are putting a restriction on gathering to prevent him from conducting demonstrations and swing elections in Biden’s favor. In Nevada, the governor had passed an order wherein more than 50 people were not allowed to come together in one place. Moreover, he asked the people not to fear the governor after coming to his rally. He said:

β€œIf the governor comes after you, which he shouldn’t be doing, I’ll be with you all the way.”

Donald Trump Asks Governor To Open The State

Donald Trump has gone nuts as he is asking the governor of Nevada to open the state instead of locking it up. He is not with the idea of not allowing gatherings. He said:

β€œTell your governor to open up your state. They’re only doing it to affect the November election. You have to get out and vote. And you have to make sure your ballot is counted because they may not count it this time.”

Donald Trump
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Governor Slams Trump For Indoor Rally

Nevada Governor feels Trump has ruined the hard work of the state by conducting the indoor rally. He said:

β€œAs Governor, I have worked with public health and infectious disease specialists to create emergency directives to protect public health and get our economy back on track. That means limiting gathering sizes, mandating face coverings, and practicing social distancing. All of which the President recklessly disregarded for his own gain this weekend in Nevada.”

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