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Amid Tensions With US, China Continues Military Drills in the South China Sea

The Chinese armies have launched two sets of military drills in waters of the countries, East coast as tension continues to rise in the South China Sea amid US military presence in the region.

The drills in the Bohai and Yellow seas had the practical purpose of stimulating both wartime attack and defense, should there be any conflict to unify Taiwan by force. Shanghai-based military expert Ni Lexiong said this, as quoted from the South China Morning Post. Ni added, “Different scenarios, with a strong enemy or a weak enemy, need to be practiced in drills”.

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Meanwhile, US Defence Secretary Mark Esper and Japanese Defence Minister Taro Kono on Saturday reiterated their commitment to maintaining a ‘rules-based order’ in the East and South China Seas.

An associate professor at Renmin University’s National Academy of Development and Strategy, Diao Daming termed these drills as “routine training”. He said these exercises are meant to boost public confidence and intimidate the US and Taiwan.

After the US spy plane supposedly intruded into the Chinese army’s no-fly airspace, so on Wednesday, China, as an act of ‘warning’, fired two missiles, including an “aircraft- carrier killer” into the South China Sea.

According to the US Defence department, this is the latest in a long thread of China’s unlawful actions.

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