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An Apple Patent For The iPad Magic Keyboard Shows A Slot In The Main Hinge For An Apple Pencil!

Apple Patent For The iPad Magic Keyboard
Apple Patent For The iPad Magic Keyboard

Apple Patent For The iPad Magic Keyboard: An AppleΒ patent for theΒ iPadΒ magic keyboard shows a slot in the main hinge for an Apple Pencil. The iPad Magic Keyboard has helped ease people’s way of working. However, many people in the past have expressed their concern as there is no convenient place to store Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil

The Apple pencil has unveiled a whole different side Apple’s monstrous new tablet. Once connected, the Pencil stands as a surrogate finger and lets you navigate the software. When it comes to taking notes, drawing, and annotating, the Apple pencil steps up to its game. Apple has kept the latency low, which allows the users to vary the Pencil’s angles.


In the previous versions of the iPad, there has been no convenient slot to hold the Pencil. The Pencil is quite big and sensitive to the left in a backpack. But now a new patent has revealed a hinge in the back for holding the Pencil. However, it does seem like this patent will be unveiled in later versions of the device

iPad Magic Keyboard To Have A Slot For The Apple Pencil

Apple Patent For The iPad Magic Keyboard
Apple Patent For The iPad Magic Keyboard


According toΒ Patently Apple, the U.S tech giant has filed a new patent. This patent reveals a slot at the hinge of the iPad Magic Keyboard for holding the Apple Pencil. In the current scenario, the Apple Pencil can only be attached to the top of the iPad magnetically. This puts it at risk of falling off since the magnetic force isn’t strong.

But with the new patent, the iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard will have a slot in which the Pencil can easily slide in. The patent is called ‘Accessories for a portable electronic device.’ Though it doesn’t say much in its description, it has included photos of how the Pencil slides into the hinge. As of now, the Magic Keyboard uses a USB-Type C port. This means that the Pencil would only be able to slide down from one side of the keyboard.

Here is a summarized version of the patent filing:

Apple Patent For The iPad Magic Keyboard

“An exemplary accessory device can include a first segment coupled to a second segment via a hinge assembly. Similarly, this accessory can couple the second segment to a third segment via a hinge assembly in such a way that the second segment is positioned between the first and third segments. The accessory device can be arranged between a closed configuration and a configuration of a stand that supports the portable electronic device at a viewing angle.



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