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An Asteroid May hit the earth: US Army Prepares For The Situation

USA military prepares for the asteroid

According to the Israel News Live Tv channel, the USA has been assumed to be preparing for an asteroid that is supposed to fall on the earth in four months.

It is assumed that high-ranking officials and the leadership of the Pentagon are aware of this situation, and that earlier NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States) hinted at this by talking about a possible collision of the Earth with a space object when the planet would have to pass through an asteroid field.

NASA and it’s a major prediction

Some days before the NASA had tweeted about the asteroid.


The asteroid is predicted to hit the earth onΒ  November 2, just before the day of the U. S. Election day, reported The Independent.

The other conclusion

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Since there are many conclusions being made there is a possibility that the asteroid may hit earth by September.

Since most of the time earth has been protected by Saturn and Jupiter during these kinds of disasters, by attracting the debris to themselves, but at present both planets are in the same sector of the solar system. So the possibility of the asteroid hitting the earth is very high.

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