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An Employee Fired Over Drink Made With Bleach-“Blue Lives Matter”

Employee sacked over a Bleach Drink!

Blue Lives Matter: An employee name, Van Greyson Heart fired for posting a tik tok video on a drink made with bleach. He is a Target employee who was making a drink in an in-store of Starbucks. He streamed the video on Tik Tok inside a Target branch in Nora, Indiana. Greyson speaks he has updated the recipe for the Blues Lives Matter drinks with “All I want for Christmas is a Few Dead Cops” playing in the background.


Blue Lives Matter

The deleted TikTok video showed the employee holding a Starbucks cup and explaining how to make the drink.Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β A BLEACH DRINK She goes on to explain how to make the concoction adding bleach first and then ice. She mentions how cops love ice referring to the acronym used for US immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Greyson further continues to add more bleach and a little blood of innocent black men. She adds that the blue drink is served with a straw because the police only think about themselves, Starbucks declines to comment on the video, noting that Target employs the staff in the location. Target made a statement that the video was appalling and unacceptable.

Such behaviour is not welcome at Target. They have apologized for the disturbing video and terminated the employee. The spokesperson of Target said that after talking to the employee, they are sure it has not been served. They also said that the actual bleach was not used in the drink. It was a combination of milk, water and colouring.

Target was first alerted after a woman downloaded the video and uploaded it on twitter.

The video has been removed from TikTok, breaching the application’s community guidelines. However, it has shared widely on Twitter.

The ongoing events were not enough that such disturbing videos are made targeting the black men and community.




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