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An Insight Into Millie Mackintosh’s Post-Pregnancy Confidence!

Millie Mackintosh with her newborn Sienna
Source: Daily Mail

An Insight Into Millie Mackintosh’s Post-Pregnancy Confidence!:Β It’s no secret thatΒ Millie Mackintosh gave birth to a baby girl just a few months back. Mackintosh and her husband Hugo Taylor, are on cloud nine after their daughter Sienna’s birth.

Not a long ago, Millie shared pictures of herself holding baby Sienna in her arms and wearing underwear. Mackintosh posted an honest postpartum photo saying she is ‘in awe of what her body has achieved.’

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Let’s get into the details of Millie Mackintosh’s post-pregnancy confidence!

Millie Gives Birth To Sienna!

The new mum gave birth to Sienna on May 1st as Millie promised to be open about her initial days as a new mom.

Mackintosh gave birth to her daughter Sienna almost ten weeks ago. Millie posted a selfie on Instagram proclaiming that her daughter is worth every extra inch, pound and stretch mark.

Millie Mackintosh with Husband Hugo and daughter Sienna
Source: Daily Mail

In the Instagram selfie, we can see Millie in a nude pair of knickers and a white maternity bra while she cradles baby Sienna in her arms. She wrote a lengthy caption pouring her heart out on how she’s spending her small life-nourishing and feeding baby Sienna.

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Mackintosh Speaks About Postpartum & Confidence

On Wednesday, Mackintosh opened about her changing body. Millie says that she is grateful for this body to bear a child. In her Instagram post, Mackintosh assured that she is in no rush of getting her old body back, and she just wants to enjoy her days with baby Sienna and Hugo.

Millie Mackintosh in the frame
Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore

Moreover, Millie said:

“I try to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and I count myself lucky that throughout my adult life, I’ve felt and identified as pretty body confident, but now all that has changed along with every other aspect of my life, which makes me look at my body in a new light and it’s been a big adjustment.”

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Fans Troll Millie Over Her Shape?

This journey of self-realisation hasn’t been easy for Millie. Her fans are continuously criticising and commenting over her body shape. Additionally, Mackintosh revealed that it is difficult for her to acknowledge these trolls. She said:

“The process has been made a lot harder by some overtly strong and hurtful comments online about my appearance (as much as you try and ignore them). I’m in awe of what my body has achieved over the last year, but I find it hard not seeing the girl I know me to be looking back at me in the mirror.”

Nevertheless, Millie is a strong and independent girl and very confident about herself. This time might seem a bit challenging to the new mom, but, I am sure Millie is going to come out of it even stronger than before!

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