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An Insight Into The Xbox Series X Games Showcase Event!

Xbox series x event
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An Insight Into The Xbox Series X Games Showcase Event!: With the new Xbox Series X coming into the market, the internet is full of new leaks and updates. Now, with almost a month after all the speculations,Β the Xbox Series X Games Showcase finally aired today.

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During the event, fans got a sneak peek into the launch of plenty other titles coming on the Xbox series. Let us dig into the details of this event!

The Games!

The game showcase started with the look at Halo Infinite, and plenty of people were pleased to see Master Chief back at it. It followed a moody opening that felt more like an intro to the Westworld than a part of a Halo franchise.

Talking about Halo, the fans were certainly impressed by the expansive in-map and exploration. It’s no secret that the idea of an open world Halo seems enticing to many players.

Xbox console
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Apart from it, Xbox offered games like Warhammer 40K and State of Decay 3, but it also revamped older versions of games like Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5.

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However, even though the Xbox Series X was one of the anticipated devices after the PlayStation 5, we assume the fans will stick onto the good old PS 5. Here’s why.

PS 5 vs Xbox

It’s no secret that PS 5 and Xbox have been on a war for a long time now. Naturally, with PS 5 and Xbox X coming into the market, the rivalry began. But, it’s clear that like always, PS 5 has won the battle due to its futuristic console and over-the-top games.
Considering that Xbox will release other games by the end of this year, we hope the games are at par. However, it seems like the audience has made their minds as to which console to buy. And, let me tell you, PlayStation 5 is winning.
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Transparently, some games and their gameplay is upsetting the fans as they expected it to be something similar or better than PS 5 launch. Moreover, fans took several social media websites to express themselves and their displeasure. But, Twitter was the most used.

Twitter Reacts To Xbox Game Showcase

Well, it doesn’t all seem negative. Some netizens appreciated Microsoft for bringing up women and people of colour. The user said:

“Gotta give Microsoft props for bringing forth more women and people of colour for their protagonists today (especially for black women). Representation matters, and to see Microsoft and the developers tied to these games deliver on that is worthy of praise.”

Unfortunately, to get on the dark side, some users directly compared Xbox to PS 5, and straight-up said that PS 5 is better. They said:

“Next-gen, old habits.”

Another one said:

“Xbox deadass trolled the whole world.”

Nevertheless, let us know your thoughts on the event!

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