Anderson Cooper Lashes Out At Ex Benjamin Maisani Over Son’s First Steps.

Anderson Cooper recently confirmed that he is really mad at his parenting partner Benjamin Maisani. As recently their son walked his first few steps bitch Anderson could not a witness. Moreover, he spilled a lot of tea about his relationship with Benjamin. And about their 13 months old son. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Anderson confirmed that recently he was doing an interview when he got a text from Benjamin. In the text, Benjamin explained how their 13 months old son walked the first few steps. Anderson confirmed that he was pissed and furious at Benjamin as he could not witness the same. He confirms that they have been parenting they sent together for a long time now. And walking the first few steps is one of the biggest milestones that they wanted to witness. However, Anderson failed to witness it.

Anderson’s Personal Experiences

Later, Anderson says that when he grew up in his house sold he lied about everything. Similarly, he was expecting Benjamin to lie about it so that it doesn’t shrink his heart. As it was one of the biggest moments that he wanted to witness with his own eyes. But he missed it badly. He was extremely pissed at Benjamin to text him after witnessing the work of their son alone.

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In the interview, Anderson got too personal while sharing his personal experiences with his parents, family, and son. He explained how he avoided holidays during father‘s day as he lost his father when he was 10. The audience could not keep up with such an emotional moment and got overwhelmed. However, for the rest of the part, he was making the audience laugh by sharing his experiences parenting a young baby.


Moreover, he explains how important it is to be your father for both the father and the son. Not having a father can change a person completely and the way they look at the world. However, both Anderson and Benjamin try their best to be good fathers to their son. Stay tuned with us for more detail about your favorite celebrity.

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