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Andrew Cuomo Finds Out That The Coronavirus Travel Quarantine Is A Joke

Cumo Hesitant To Point Fingers

Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally admits what a lot of us have known for a long time: His coronavirus travel quarantine is utterly unenforceable.

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It’s actually can be considered to be a joke.

The Rise Of COVID-19 Cases

The problem finally collapsed when our Northeast neighbours, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, recently met the limit for the quarantine.

Cuomo Finds Out That The Coronavirus Travel Quarantine Is A Joke

As a result, each state had a seven-day tossing average of 10 new cases per 100,000 people. Also, Pennsylvania, mainly, has seen its virus positivity rate jump in recent weeks.

Cuomo finally decides that it would be β€œimpractical” to enforce the quarantine on those three states. Also, The travellers will not have to quarantine for 14 days if they come to New York, unlike travellers from 40 other states.

Middle of The National Crisis With No Explanation

The governor said: β€œThere are just too many interchanges. There are too many interconnections.”

Middle of The National Crisis With No Explanation

Right now, we in the middle of a national health crisis, but it doesn’t seem so. New York state exclusion for quarantine during the pandemic is such a grave matter.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally admits: His coronavirus travel quarantine is utterly unenforceable.
Source: NYTimes.

No explanation has been provided, other than because Cuomo says so. In other words, or it because the pandemic isn’t all that dire after all.

Andrew Cuomo Hesitant To Point Fingers

Cuomo has always been hesitant to point the finger at Democratic blue states even when they have had a rough ride with COVID-19.

Cuomo Plans On Restricting Travels

Remember, Cuomo roared when cases spiked around the country during the summer. Also, pouring particular ridicule on red states like Florida and Texas.

Cuomo said: “They followed the politics and reopened too soon. They followed the lousy advice of President Donald Trump and got everything wrong.”

But we didn’t see Cuomo mentioning blue California during the summer surge. Even though, due to the coronavirus, the Golden State got entirely crushed.

According to the overall pandemic scorecard today,Β California has the highest number of cases in the nation. Also, New York has the highest number of deaths.

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No doubt, Texas and Florida are also near the top of the wrong list. Besides, Blue New Jersey has been hit as well.

Pennsylvania positivity rate right now is 10.5 per cent,Β according to methods used by Johns Hopkins University and media outletΒ

Andrew Cuomo Plans On Restricting Travels

Cuomo recently talked about scrapping the travel quarantine entirely.Β Also, talking about giving rapid tests to travellers. Yet, Democratic lawmakers have revealed that there aren’t enough rapid tests to go around.

The Rise Of COVID-19 Cases

Also, Cuomo advised that people should travel between the northeast states on essential business only. The whole idea of quarantine on travellers was laughable.

In other words, the joke isn’t hilarious. The travel stricture did allow cars to be pulled over without cause, a violation of civil liberties that hit Staten Island particularly hard. Besides, it will enable the state to collect data from travellers for the objective of contact tracing.

Significant Concerns About The Data Collected:
1. What’s happened to all that info?
2. Where is it stored?
3. Who has access to it?
4. We’ll never know.

Now Cuomo admits: The whole thing has been a joke, a dangerous one.

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