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Android 11 Developer Preview 3: All The Update You Should Know So Far!

Development Preview 3

Android 11 Developer Preview 3 This development is not as significant as the previous one but has some vital effect. Development Preview 3 will fix unnoticeable problems efficiently.

This is for development purposes, and I will not recommend it if you’re going to make absolutely no use of it. Do you remember the wireless debugging feature in the previous version? It wasn’t entirely usable then.

DP3 will allow it’s users to connect the android device with the computer with the help of WiFi. ADB commands can be a drag to work with, but the update is here for the rescue. Let’s look into more features.

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Updates And Features

Android 11 Developer Preview 3
Android 11 Developer Preview 3

Are you a huge fan of shortcuts? That’s it, this allows shortcuts for even screenshots over the home screen. Sharing files and media will also be easier provided this feature. Though some people still prefer the Google search bar and the suggested apps, I don’t think these shortcuts will be too much of a trouble to look over.

Have you wished you could undo a particular gesture while cleaning the previously used apps? Android 11 will allow you just simply to swipe back down the app you just swiped off. However, this won’t work on consecutive apps.

One feature, in particular, I don’t know whether its a drawback and needs fixing or not, the app previews are quite significant. I dislike the bubble apps option, feels like messenger bubbles but for hangouts instead. What’s your opinion about it?

People working on their mobile phones need a lot of screen adjustment. DP3 has put in more customisations for the final gestures. You can change the sensitivity settings for both sides of the screen.

Download NowΒ 

Android 11 Developer Preview 3
Android 11 Developer Preview 3

It released very recently and is available to download. You can get your hands on it if you have Project Treble kind devices, Android Studio or Smartphones using Google Pixels.

Even if you do not think that some features are really for you, you could just update it for speed and convenience. Moreover, a little uplifting from Android won’t hurt.

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