Andy Samberg, Common, Craig Robinson To Star In A Superhero Movie โ€™Super Highโ€™ Together. Check it out now.
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Andy Samberg, Common, Craig Robinson To Star In A Superhero Movie โ€™Super Highโ€™ Together.

Andy Samberg, Common, Craig Robinsonย has confirmed that they willย Star inย the newย Comedy and actionโ€˜Super Highโ€™. The shoot of the movie is yet to start but can’t wait already. Check out everything you need to know.

Andy Samberg, Common & Craig Robinson In A Movie

The three iconic stars have confirmed that they will be starting for the Super high. According to the reports, it will be a superhero hit. Some of the cast member and actors of the movie have given interviews where they have given the insights about their upcoming film.

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Robinson is famous for his hits in โ€œThe Office,ย โ€ย where he has done a lead role. He is also known for acting as a guest role in โ€œBrooklyn Nine-Nine.โ€ย However, the iconic star has also started in โ€œTimmy Failure: Mistakes Were Madeโ€ and โ€œDolemite Is My Name.โ€

Talking about Samberg, he has stared and killed his role in the famous โ€œBrooklyn Nine-Nine.โ€ Not just that he has also worked in โ€œSaturday Night Liveโ€ for years. Throughout the years he has given many hits including โ€œI Love You, Man,โ€ โ€œThatโ€™s My Boy,โ€ โ€œCeleste and Jesse Forever,โ€ โ€œPopstar: Never Stop Never Stoppingโ€ and โ€œPalm Springs.โ€

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Both these actors have played their roles in a commendable manner. They’ve been a part of Michael Schur’s show, both The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine which are one of the best shows until now.

Common is nowhere less in the list. He has been started in many hits like โ€œAva,โ€ โ€œThe Informerโ€ and โ€œThe Kitchen.โ€ย He has even won The Golden Award in 2015 for best original song. And now he will be starting in the super high.


After the three iconic stars confirmed their role in a new movie together, fans are going crazy. It seems like the public can’t wait to see them together. Especially in a superhero movie. What do you think about it?


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