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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Are Going To Bring Friends And Family To Testify In Court For The Custody Battle

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been on the news for a while now. Even though they got divorced, they are still fighting for the custody of their children.Β 

Angelina and Brad’s family and friends take sides in the custody battle for exes.Β 

Recently, Angelina wants herΒ Maleficent co-star, Elle Fanning, to testify in court in her custody battle against Pitt. Meanwhile, Brad is going to ask Jennifer Aniston and Alia Shawkat to testify in court.Β 

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According to the sources: “There are a ton of people on Brad’s side who are ready to offer sworn testimony about his dedication as a parent. Her family is on the front lines, but Jennifer Aniston and Alia Shawkat and many more are just as supportive.”

The source added: “Brad’s family lost count of the time the vacation was cancelled at the last minute because Angelina would find excuses as to why they couldn’t travel to Missouri. Even when they got to California, it was like pulling their teeth to get to FaceTime with the kids.”

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For a while, the custody battle is going on, and Brad Pitt wanted 50/50 physical and legal custody for his children.Β 

Their private hearing will begin on Monday, October 19. And it will end on Friday, October 23.Β 

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