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Angelina Jolie Has A LOOKALIKE And That’s Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend !

Source: Us Magazine

Brad Pitt Appears With Rumored Girlfriend

Brad Pitt just made the internet go crazy when he appeared with his new rumoured girlfriend. She is a model who goes by the name of Nicole Poturalski. Even though Brad is one handsome man but their age difference is too much as she is 27 and Brad is more than double of that. The two were seen boarding a private jet to the south of France. Even before this, Brad and Nicole were spotted in Paris kissing each other in a public place. Brad did not bother with other people seeing him and did not shy away from PDA.

Does It Mean An End Of Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Love Story

For the past few days, there were rumours that Brad and Jennifer were getting really close to each other. Moreover, speculation of their relationships comes on the internet every now and then. However, the latest appearances of Brad with Nicole would clearly mean that nothing is brewing between him and Jennifer. The two always share a good friendship but maybe they don’t want to cross the line again and risk the relationship they already have.

Brad Pitt’s New Girlfriend Looks Similar To Angelina Jolie

If one looks at Nicole in a flash, they would feel she is Angelina Jolie. Nicole has a striking resemblance to Brad’s ex-wife Angelina which cannot be ignored. Netizens also pointed out this fact that Brad’s new girlfriend was a lookalike of his ex-wife. The internet feels that this could possibly mean that Brad still has feelings for Angelina and this is just a way to compensate it. However, looks like Brad does not realize. Many of his fans that are Brangelina lovers would hope for the ex-couples to get back together.

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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Latest Feud

For fans who are rooting for Angelina and Brad to get back together, it may not happen anytime soon. The two are currently engaged in a fierce legal battle for the custody of their children. Recently, Angelina filed for the removal of their personal judge as she thought the judge is biased. However, Brad Pitt has accused her of delaying the legal process unnecessarily.

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