Is Angelina Jolie Furious For Brad Having New Girlfriend? Check out what Angelina has to say! Who is Brad Pitt’s new gf?
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Angelina Jolie Is Furious For Brad Having New Girlfriend? Check Out what Angelina has to say!

Angelina Jolie Is Furious For Brad Having New Girlfriend? Check Out what Angelina has to say!: Brad Pitt is again in love! Brad Pitt is known for dating the sexiest women’s in Hollywood. After his divorce with ex-wife and mother of his children’s Angelina Jolie, he was with several women’s.

Brad Pitt Is In Love? Again?

According to the reports, Brad Pitt was dating a new girl since November last year. However, he made it public fa ew days back. He is dating a German supermodel ‘Nicole Putoralksi’.Β He has been captured several times for morning walks, lunch dates and much more. They were very close recently from holding hands to even kissing. The clips are going viral.


Poturalski, who goes by the name Nico Mary professionally, is a successful model. She is one of the most famous German models managed in and for Los Angeles’s NEXT models and A management. According to the reports, the 27-year-old model is married but is in an open relationship.

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What Does Angelina Think About It?

Talking about Angelina Jolie, she doesn’t look pleased about Brad’s new relationship. According to insight, Brad wants her new gf to come to Angelina and Brad’s old house, which makes Jolie very furious.


According to the reports, social media got to know that before leaving the model in the Jet. Brad gently kissed her lips. The two looked pretty close and happy togetherβ€”however, their no doubt in the fact that the two are dating.


Angelina is not very happy with Brad’s new relationship. However, according to an insight, Jolie thinks it was okay if Brad is dating someone else, but he shouldn’t have been public about it yet. What do you think about their relationship?


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