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Angelina Jolie To Direct Most Awaited Biopic ‘Unreasonable Behaviour’

Angelina Jolie is, here again, this time not for her scandalous love life but for directly one of the best Wartime photographer’s biopic. And let me tell you that can’t wait for it at all. Don McCullin biopic is titled as ‘Unreadable Behaviour’, A British photographer during the wartime, whose pictures where bestselling across the world. The biopic is going to be one of the best hits next year. Check out everything you need to know about it now.


According to the reports, it is one of the most awaited biopics of all times. About the Wartime best photographer who struggled a lot in life to click the best pictures during the Wartime. The project is produced by Tom Hardy, Dean Baker, Hardy Son and Baker Banner. And is directed by none other than the famous iconic star Angelina Jolie.

‘Unreasonable Behaviour’

Angelina Jolie took to the internet to share this news with the world. She tweeted saying that she is glad she could be a part of this amazing project. She confesses that she is ready to witness the truth of the war and that the idea of this great movie inspires her a lot and she respects McCullins work a lot.

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And if you think that was all Angelina had to say then you are wrong. She had a lot more to say about her work as a director in the movie. She then tweeted that ‘We promise to make this movie as uncompromising as Don’s photography. About the people who raise and fall in the war and all about the journalism in that era will be shown in the movie’.


McCullin had over 6 decades of photography career where he went through a lot. From learning photography for the first time to clicking the best picture during wartime and becoming the bestselling autobiography and photography at the same time. Creating Don’s biopic isn’t as easy as it seems since, the actual World War had a lot of distraction, killing and whatnot. However, viewers have a lot of expectations from the movie. Especially Angelina Jolie’s hand are very excited to see her work once again after a very long time.

Angelina Jolie’s Other Work

However, this isn’t the first movie Angelina Jolie had directly. It is the 5th scripted directly she is doing but yet one of the most difficult ones. ‘Unreasonable Behaviour’ is going to be a War-Time movie with all the scenes recreated at its best. However, mainly focusing on Don McCullin’s photography.


Talking About Angelina Jolie’s other films “In the Land of Blood and Honey” (2011), “Unbroken” (2014), “By the Sea” (2015), “First They Killed My Father” (2017) and “Unreasonable Behaviour’. The release date of the movies isn’t come out yet. But the production team has confirmed that the work has started and hence we can expect it to release in the mid of next year.


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