Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get The Golden Axe And Fishing Rod

Animal Crossing New Horizons
Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal crossing new horizon is the latest version of the animal crossing game series. It came out early this year for Nintendo and it has a lot of new exciting features.

To be honest, we did not expect a lot of golden items. However, there seems to be a whole list of items which can be achieved as the golden version!

Animal Crossing Six Golden Items

There are a total of six things-
Axe, Net, Fishing Rod, Shovel, Slingshot, Watering can.

And the bonus is- there is a specific Challenge too. The Golden Milestone. The more number of items we collect, the more number of stamps we will have. Also, it is quite fun to hunt for things. Be it fish, insects, or anything else!

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How to get the Golden Axe

There are a few things which we need to do to obtain the ultimate, obviously. A hundred axes ought to be broken in order to accomplish a golden axe. Obviously, we could just, do this in the normal course of gameplay if you are not in a hurry.

  • But if you do want to make it quick, here’s how:
    β€’ Always have the gold nuggets because it is impossible to build the tool without it.
    β€’ Stock up on the Flimsy Axe. One must ask, why this certain axe? Because it is cheap and it also breaks in just about 40 hits!
    β€’ Now go around the town collecting work and hitting each and every treason the island. You can work beside the store just to make things quicker.
    β€’ Check-in achievements for all the trashed tools to have a rough idea of how much things you need. Purchasing a flimsy axe would be 800 bells each, you might need a 100.
    β€’ After all is collected, go craft your own golden axe!

The Golden Fishing Rod: How to

Now, this is comparatively easier than the previous one but also a bit tricky.
To obtain the ultimate gold rod, collect all the fishes from water bodies which are shown encyclopaedia. The fishes are, as we know, somewhat seasonal and it is hard to find them due to their size inaccuracy. It’s difficult to suspect what kind of fish to could be by looking at the size.

One such tricky fish is the Blue Martin, one of the toughest catch in the list. They are found around the pier on the shore.

Once you are done catching all the fishes, the goldenrod will not just appear in front of you. You will receive a message on the next day from Far Away Museum regarding this. Then they will send you a DIY recipe for crafting the final product.

Again, make sure to have golden nuggets handy because these will hell in forming the golden fishing rod. It isn’t very easy yet it’s not very hard. Keep playing and you will eventually collect them all!

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