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Anne With An E: Outraged Fans Posted 13 million Tweets Demanding That Show Be Revived For Another Season!

Anne With An E

Anne With An E

Anne Shirley is a fearless Canadian literary heroine and always speaks her mind in Anne With An E. The abrupt orphan first appears in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables. Since then, she appeared in a lot number of movies and television spinoffs. However, she finally built a loyal global following.

The Outrage Of Fans

So it shall probably come up as a little surprise from the fans of the show’s latest remake. The fans of the TV series Anne With an E are ferociously protective of their heroine. In addition to Anne, they are even willing to fight for what they believe in.

The Co-producers’ Word

Netflix and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) are the co-producers of the show. They announced in November that the drama would be cancelled after three seasons.

But CBC’s statement that the final season will bring a satisfying conclusion to Anne’s journey did not appease the fans.

Anne With An E
The images are respective to the main plots of Anne With An E so far.

Lisa E is a Toronto-based organiser with AWAE Fan Projects. She says that people are outraged. This comes out as an unexpected hit to the cast and the crew. As we know, everyone loves the show.

The Group Took To Twitter With Rallying Cry

Immediately, after the day of the announcement, the group took to Twitter with a rallying cry to renew the show.

The group’s organisers live in Canada, the United States and throughout Europe. They quickly raised thousands of dollars to deepen their message. The members placed five billboards in downtown Toronto and New York’s Times Square.

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Anne With An E: 300,000 Fans Sign A Petition

However, nearly 300,000 fans signed a petition on Change.org demanding the renewal of the series. But the group’s most controversial campaign is a digital battle against the two companies.

Members of the group gather the comments section of CBC news stories to demand the show’s revival. They posted more than 13 million tweets directed at CBC and Netflix.

Anne With An E
The cast of Netflix’s Anne With An E.

CBC Decides To Block The Anne-related Comments

Matters came to an immediate control Sunday when the CBC says it will begin to block any Anne-related comments from now.

One of the group’s organisers, Rachel G lives in New York City. She says that CBC has not dealt with a sustained barricade like this before.

However, many of the accounts don’t have profile pics. Their usernames are generic names followed by strings of numbers, and they don’t have any followers.

Anne With An E: Rachel’s Word

Rachel says that they are just created that day. She says that she will start tweeting about Anne With An E hundreds of times in one day.

The show gets praises for its fearless portrayal of, slavery, Endemic experiences, sexual assault and feminism. Both Lisa and Rachel admit that there are fewer chances for the show to return.


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