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Another Black Man Antoine Webington Treated Brutally By American Cops

Another story of the injustice by the American cop has come up. Again a black person has been troubled brutally. Antoine Webington and Heather JanneΒ are the couples in viral tik tok video. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Viral Video

Recently a video has gone viral on all the social media platforms. In the video, we can see the police pulling over the car in which a couple and their son were there. The cops brutal behaviour has made everyone speechless.


Antoine Webington and Heather Janne we’re driving in Maryland, America. Janne is a white woman who was driving the car when it was pulled over. On the other hand, Antoine is a Black man who was sitting beside her wife in the car. Janne uploaded the video on til tok and captioned it saying this is why I hate America.

Picture via google images.

When the cops pulled them over, they asked for their identity which they couldn’t provide. However, Janne was the one who was driving over the speed limit. Because of which the cops stopped them in the first place.


In the viral video, we can see three white cops brutally pulling the black man out if the car while he insists on waiting. The pull him out of the car like an animal and Janne was crying. According to the reports, Antoine is still behind bars.


When the video went viral, many people claimed that what happened was wrong and shouldn’t have been done. People claim that no identification is generally needed. However, Janne is fighting for justice on social media. She has even asked people to raise funds so that they can afford a lawyer. What do you think about it?
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