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Antonio Robinson Texas Resident Gets Murdered By A White Man In Broad Daylight!

Who Killed Antonio Robinson?
source: Global Times

Antonio Robinson Texas Resident Gets Murdered By A White Man In Broad Daylight!: 2020 has been worse for all as well as many nations. People are losing their lives while some are dying of hunger. How can we not focus on The BLM moment? It is a shame for everyone residing in this so-called Humataraian world. Every new day starts with an increase in COVID-19 cases or Cruel Death of a Black people.

However, George Floyd and many other innocent black people have already lost their lives for justice. In September, the world witnessed the cruel death of a young Black man. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn what happened to the black man Antonio Robinson.

Who Killed Antonio Robinson?

Who Killed Antonio Robinson?
source: Atlanta Black Star

Robinson is a resident of Forth Worth Texas He’s an African-American Residing In America for a long time now. The Black man was shot five times by his white neighbour on his chest on September 27, 2020. According to reports, the white man has been troubling Robinson’s family from the day they shifted in the same location as the white man. However, Robinson’s Family is one of the peace-loving family of Texas. But The white man named Edward Murray never had good intentions towards them.

Antonio Robinson’s Girlfriend Speaks the Truth

Robinson’s Girlfriend gave a clear view of the deadly incident to the Forth Worth Police. She said Robinson went to answer the door while she was having dinner with her 9-year-old son. As soon as Robinson opened the door, Edward Murray slammed him on the ground and started firing at him. She further stated the moment she went out with her son; the Cruel White man shot five times on her boyfriend’s chest. Edward Murray left the as they heard me calling the police she said. However, her son tried to stop the bleeding and placed a cloth on Robinson’s chest.

Forth Worth Police Takes Action

Forth Worth Police Takes Action
source: Youtube

Forth Worth police had an in-depth look over Robinson’s murder case and found Edward Murray Guilty. Murray Remains held at Tarrant County Jail on 160,000 bonds. As per sources, the lawsuit has denied his bail application. Texas Police gave all their efforts to provide justice to Robinson and his Girlfriend lacy said an officer.

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