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Apex Legends 5: Top 10 Things You Need To Master To Survive Season 5!

Apex Legends
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Apex Legends 5 Updates

Apex Legends 5 is a free-to-play battle royale game. Also, Respawn Entertainment is developing the game, and Electronic Arts are publishing the game. So, the game is available on platforms like Windows, PlayStation4, and Xbox One. The producers of the game were Drew McCoy, Tina Sanchez, Kaelan De Niese and the designer for this game is Benjamin Bisson. Also, the game belongs to the genre of battle royale and first-person shooter.

The game is available only one mode, which is a multilayer. So, the recent version from the game is Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor. However, the game is available from May 12, 2020. Thus, there were many ways where players must know, to survive in the new season of Apex Legends. So, the new season is having a new character called Loba. Loba is a thief who takes all the loot from the nearby loot and the teleport.

Apex Legends 5
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How To Survive In Season 5?

This new character will always try to take revenge with Revenant, who killed his parents. Also, it looks similar to the previous version of this game. However, players have a reconnect option. Thus, it helps when gamers suddenly quit playing the game. Also, it added the option of the quest, which gives access for the players, to earn many rewards.

Through the option quest, gamers can fight with PvE missions, in a single-mode, and with squad too. Also, a new pass is introduced to this new game of Apex Legends. However, Apex has given clarity that they are working their servers to the middle east. But, the game will not have Skull Town and Thunderdome, as they were destroyed.

Apex Legends 5
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Other Details

However, we can see that the map of the game was changed slightly. This new game will revolve around the Kings Canyon, but the similar one from the previous versions. So, in the place of the destroyed things, a new industrial dig was built, which is Salvage.

So, if players enter that region, it involves a big fight, because it is so much of space. Also, many new camps were found on the map, but no one is of major locations.


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