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Apex Legends: Adding Permanent Duo Mode, Following Footsteps Of Pubg!

Apex Legends
The characters of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is launched in February 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and windows. This is a Battle Royale game developed by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts. Currently there is only a trio mode available in the game. Apex fans are eagerly waiting for other modes. Now it seems Apex is adding permanent duo mode, following footsteps Of PUBG. Details are here:-

Apex Legends Latest Update

In a Question and Answer session an official Respawn manager gives hints about upcoming Apex Legends update. As per reports there were high chances Apex will add solo, duo and Squad modes in this update. They were likely to follow footsteps of Players Unknowns Battlegrounds. They also going to add a ranking method so players would match accordingly. This allows a better competitive experience. This update also set to come with original King’s Canyon map. A prize track also set to release. Players exchange their items in this prize track.

8 things PUBG should learn from Apex Legends experience design

Β Following PUBG!

Player Unknowns Battleground knows as PUBG is a big hit. To compete this game we see previously Fortnite is also added subsequent modes. Now Apex Legends are following same way too. For now Apex is well designed for trio gaming effects. As per now they released duo mode on 7th April. This mode is added for all time. Users play this mode through the main screen. With this, they also launched a limited-time event called Old Ways Lore available till 21st April. This event comes with some new skins, characters and weapons.

Apex Legends: People Reactions

Fans are going to welcome this update. They are going to take this hand to hand. Yet we have to see what are design improvements are coming. Currently, trials are going on. Reports said there is a little bit difficulty with solo mode. Hence we have to wait for another official announcement. Duo mode is available and reviews are also positive. Further update may come with upcoming season5. Season 5 is expected to lunch in late May or in early June. Till then enjoy this duo mode.

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