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Apex Legends: Online Tournament Schedule, New Bug Causes Issues

Apex Legends

Original Plan

Respawn and EA planned on hosting a huge tournament with their mega-popular game Apex Legends.

The plan was to host the tournament in a few phases including online and remote locations.

Apex Legends

This was a plan to make more people play Apex Legends. There was a massive price pool to gain the attraction of the public. It is estimated to be around five hundred thousand American Dollars. That money will be split between different tournaments but still, that is a lot of money. It is almost three crores eighty-two lakh Indian rupees. EA is going big here.

COVID-19 Effect

Since the tournament was originally planned to take place in remote locations as well, not everything has gone according to EA’s plan. Due to the lockdown in place in multiple cities and countries, people and gamers cannot meet up at those specified locations. So, EA had to change plans an improvise.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the actual world and the gaming world too. Let’s hope this passes quickly and smoothly.

The shift is clearly necessary in light of the outbreak, but couldn’t come at a worse time for theΒ ApexΒ scene. TheΒ Washington PostΒ notedΒ that server problems, badly managed practices (even the Tournament Mode had problems) and a lack of advertising had already led to dissatisfaction among pro teams.

Apex Legends

The move online, along with fresh competition from esports-friendly games likeΒ Call of Duty: WarzoneΒ andΒ Valorant, might giveΒ Apex LegendΒ pros even fewer reasons to play. Respawn and EA may need to work particularly hard to keep the ALGS active even after the pandemic is over.

Date Change

Accordingly, the PGL Bucharest Premier Event number 2 slated for May 30th has been postponed to an unspecified date. The GLL which was supposed to be held in Paris, France is also rumoured to be postponed.

The new dates have not been confirmed yet. But, the most likely dates will be as soon as we are out of this lockdown because the main goal of this tournament was to encourage more players to join in on this really amazing game.

Apex Legends

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