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Apex Legends Season 5 : New Event Kicks Off With Bug Problems !

Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends Season 5: Apex Legends is a very popular battle royale game introduced in 2019. It has now got 5 seasons with a sixth one on the way. The game has met with positive reviews from the audience. The fifth season of the game went on air on May 12, 2020. Moreover, every season introduces a new legend and the new legend for the fifth season was Loba. Loba is a thief who loots and teleports. A new event got added to season 5 which is called Lost Treasures. The new event will have a blessing for every legend present in the game.

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Apex Legends Season 5 Lost Treasures Troubled With Bugs

The gamers were left angry when they noticed that the new event suffers from a lot of bugs. The most evident one was related to Wraith. Wraith is the beautiful Marble Goddess. The bug problem with Wraith is that its hit-box is not registering. There were also complaints about audio bugs. However, the official twitter handle of Apex Legend acknowledged the bug problem and assured us to fix it at the earliest. The tweet said, β€œWe are aware of a bug affecting Wraith’s hitbox when the Marble Goddess skin is applied. We have deployed a hotfix to bring her hitbox back to its regular state, but a client patch is required to resolve the false-positive blood splatter. More details to come as we have them.”

New Update On Apex Legends Season 5

The makers of the game have released an update for the game. Now the Daily and Event challenges refresh correctly. The issues with the Treasure packs have also been solved with this update. The makers have also updated Octane’s slim ability text. The new update will improve the game by a considerable margin.

Apex Legends
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Updates on Apex Legends Season 6

As far as season 6 of the game is concerned, there are many speculations circulating on the internet. The release of the next season is expected on August 18, 2020. Moreover, rumors suggest that the fans could expect a crossover with Titanfall. A titan is expected to feature in the next season. Moreover, many legends have been predicted for the next season including Rampart and Nomad.

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