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Apex Legends Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot Everything You Need To Know!

Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends

In the character trailer, we see Revenant killing the parents of the little braid haired girl. This little girl is growing up to be the major new character- Loba. She has her goals set against Revenant. Season 5 sounds fun, doesn’t it? Check everything about Apex Legends Season 5 here.

The systems override event, the Deja Root mode and some other new updates in place, Alex Legends needs a warzone mode. The Deja Loot mode, which allowed respawning was also not good enough for a few fans. What new additions are on the way? I think the cross-platform play is being developed.

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Apex Legends
A gameplay image of Apex Legends.

New Features And Characters

The new character which made us all excited is Loba. There was a faulty leak of the name of unreleased legend from the game files. We know for sure that Loba. There are still doubts about whether Loba and Rosie are the same or not.

This new character tends to have some huge advantages due to the features. You can throw a disc and teleport wherever it was thrown and even see through walls while looking for loot! One jackpot feature is that you can also confirm before entering what type of loot is stored in the area.

Forge was dispatched previously, will he make a return? He could. The hot topic right now is Loba and her powers which lie in her bracelet.

Apex Legends
The characters of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 5: When Will It Release?

Apex Legends have been planning this for quite some time now. We know for a fact that a season doesn’t last for more than a few months (3 months to be exact). Since season 4 was here just in February, we can expect season 5 around May this year.

Officially, they posted on their Twitter account about how much work they still have left to do. It was informed that a lot of new things are being added to update the game. There is no quicker way to get it all done, especially when they are all working from home.

Moreover, Jason McCord also informed everyone of bonus news. Apex has the next three seasons planned out for 6, 7 and 8!

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