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Apple And Google Announced A Partnership To Track And Tackle The Spread Of COVID -19!

Apple and Google
Apple And Google join hands against the spread of the corona virus.

Apple And Google: The Announcement

First and foremost, I hope whosoever reading this article is safe indoors. Especially you and your family members. Today we will be talking a Global pandemic that has halted all the countries across the world. Apart from this, it has also stopped all economic transactions across the globe. Apple and Google step ahead.

Recently on Friday, Google and Apple came together to start planning for an emergency project contact tracing technology to fight this global pandemic of COVID-19. They will place new protocols and rules for tracking this thing. This project will directly impact the health of the public. Singapore is successful in doing such projects.Β 

Apple and Google
The working of the new system of Apple and Google that tracks the corona patients and saves the data.

Unquestionably, United Staes have failed to control the virus outbreak, despite having big tech giant hubs and best health care in the country. In this article, we will see the technical documents created by them. We will see what exactly Apple and Google are trying to do.Β 

How Do This Works?

Firstly, let us see what the current public health officers are doing. Any person suspected with COVID 19 is put into quarantine. They will track how many persons infected with the interacted. This process is known as contact tracking. Without any doubt, this step is crucial.Β 

Apple and Google together built a highly advanced contact tracing system. It is entirely different from the current original way of tracing. It works at a very faster speed. Undoubtedly, it will also include Android and iOS applications. Most importantly, increasing the reach of this android application to every person.Β 

Apple and Google
The new system of Apple and Google will track the corona patients.

It should be noted that both of them are working on a plan and not on any particular application. All privacy details are undertaken.

Apple And Google: Role Of Application

Firstly, this will all be a play of specific codes. As soon as your device comes in contact with the other, a particular unique system will be released. The system will be unique and will be based on the device’s unique phone number. This will build up several logs and piles of code.Β 

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