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Apple ARKit 4: Apple Introduces ARKit 4 At WWDC 2020 !

ARKit 4
Source: Apple Developer

Apple ARKit 4 Release

Apple ARKit 4: Apple WWDC took off well on 22 June 2020. It was a virtual event due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has led to social distancing measures which have forced Apple to conduct the event virtually. This is the first time that WWDC is taking place online. The most important announcement from Apple came about iOS 14. Apple has launched the beta version of iOS 14 with its developers. However, there was another important announcement with respect to the iPad. Apple announced that it has released the beta version of ARKit for iPad.

ARKit 4
Source: Venturebeat

Depth API In Apple ARKit 4

ARKit 4 has advanced scene-understanding capabilities. This is put inside the LiDAR Scanner. It improves the depth API about the surrounding. According to Apple, β€œWhen combined with the 3D mesh data generated by Scene Geometry, this depth information makes virtual object occlusion even more realistic by enabling instant placement of virtual objects and blending them seamlessly with their physical surroundings. This can drive new capabilities within your apps, like taking more precise measurements and applying effects to a user’s environment.”

Location Anchor In Apple ARKit 4

The location anchor helps in tweaking your AR as per your location. It allows your AR creations to anchor as per location, altitude, etc. iPad users will be able to move around virtual objects and view them from different perspectives.

ARKit 4
Source: Apple Developer

Face Tracking In Apple ARKit 4

The face tracking feature of the ARKit improves camera quality. This will be compatible with the front cameras of all iPhones that have an A12 Bionic chip. This will help in identifying more faces. According to Apple, the true depth camera can track up to three faces which will enhance the experience of the user while using apps like Memoji and Snapchat.

More From Apple WWDC 2020

This year’s WWDC is the biggest one ever as there is no restriction as to the attendance. Since it is a virtual event, people from all around the world can be a part of it. Apple has made many more announcements in just one day. They announced a new app called Scribble. Moreover, the AirPods will be able to switch between devices. Apple will also have a dedicated map view for cycle and EV users.


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