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Apple Faces Lawsuit For Loot Boxes In The App Store !

Source: Mobile World Live

Lawsuit Against Apple For Loot Boxes

Apple Faces Lawsuit For Loot Boxes: Loot boxes are the in-app purchases, which users pay for after download. They receive some sort of digital reward for making the purchase. Now Apple has received accusations for creating addictive behavior in users and making them pay in the form of in-app purchases through this addiction. The complaint said, “Not unlike Big Tobacco’s Joe Camel’ advertising campaign, Apple relies on creating addictive behaviors in kids to generate huge profits for the Company. Over the last four years, Defendant’s App Store games have brought in billions of dollars, even though the vast majority of the games are free to download.”

Apple Faces Lawsuit For Loot Boxes In The App Store !
Source: The Verge

Who Has Filed The Complaint Against Apple?

A woman named Rebecca Taylor has filed the complaint. She noticed that her son has downloaded many App store games and then made many payments without her knowledge in the form of in-app purchases. The complaint further said, “A large percentage of Apple’s revenues from App Store games come from the in-game purchases of what is known in the gaming industry as loot boxes’ or loot crates,'” the lawsuit alleges. “Dozens (if not hundreds) of App Store games rely on some form of Loot Box or similar gambling mechanism to generate billions of dollars, much of it from kids.”

Where Has The Complaint Been Filed Against Apple?

Rebecca has filed a complaint at U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Apple has previously faced criticism for letting developers set the age limit for the games and apps. They have faced criticism for now showing explicitly about the in-app purchases when the users download it for free. As per the complaint, “Thus, there is no notice – and no requirement of any notice by Apple – to the parent or the child that a game contains Loot Boxes or other gambling mechanisms.”

Apple Faces Lawsuit For Loot Boxes In The App Store !
Source: Mobile World Live

What Can Apple Say In Their Defence?

The case is not an open and shut case. Apple certain aspects basing which they can still fight and win this case. This is because, to prevent such problems, Apple had developed parental control features and other features in the App Store, which prevented minors from making any sort of purchase. It will be interesting to see the chain of events from here on.

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