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Apple: Is iPhone 12 Apple’s Biggest Failure? Latest Updates

iPhone 12
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Is iPhone 12 Apple’s Biggest Failure? : Taking a look back at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference i-e the WWDC 2020, we remember that Apple announced the iPhone 12 and iOS 14.

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However, according to the recent leaks and rumours, we’ve gathered that perhaps, iPhone 12 is Apple’s biggest failure as of now. That is to say, let’s get into the details of this controversy.

The Biggest Failure

Considering Apple’s several loops over the years, and this week’s discussion, we’ve noted that Tim Cook was supposed to launch the new iPhone 12 by September.
iPhone 12
Moreover, the recent leaks suggest that iPhone 12 is going up early on September 8. Now, let’s see the loops. Ever since Apple got launched, it’s the battery that concerns everyone. Apple has faced several problems with its insufficient battery life.

iPhone 11 has the best camera, however, with iPhone 12’s poor battery life, it could hinder iPhone 12’s chances to join the line for the best cameras.

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Forbes Informs

Comparing Apple’s smart screen choice, problems with MacOs on ARM, two iPads are one computer, and Steve Jobs’ coolest computer, Apple has failed us again. Cook has failed us.

iPhone 12
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Concerning to iPhone 12’s release, here’s what Forbes has to say:
“A popular Japanese tech site Digitimes has now confirmed the leak from iHacktu, saying Apple will unveil the new iPhone 12 line up in September. Interestingly, Digitimes’ source also reveals that the pricing for Apple iPhone 12 5G phones will play a key role for ramping up buying momentum for iPhones and non-iPhone models in the end market in the second half of 2020. Price has already been a hot topic for the iPhone 12 range, with multiple reports saying Apple will undercut rivals, though perhaps by less than previously expected.”

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iPhone 12: Other Details

We all know that Apple likes to keep things slim. Considering the new software as a more power-efficient one, perhaps we’ll see a slimmer battery life to iPhone 11 within a thinner and lighter body.

Not to mention, only time will tell us what iPhone 12 will provide us until then, all we have is assumption and leaks. Until then, let us know in the comment section below about your views on the new iPhone 12, and if it will surpass the previous ones.

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