Apple iWatch Series 5 Is About $50 Off, Now At Starting Price Of $349

iwatch series 5
Apple iwatch series 5 at the best price deals

Apple iWatch Lineup: Series 5

The latest of the Apple iWatch lineup is the new Series 5Β launched in September 2019. It’s price typically starts at $399.00. It’s having $50 off at Best Buy.

In many respects, theΒ Apple Watch 5 is identical to the 4th version. But, the Watch Series 5’s biggest boast among its predecessors is its always-on display.


The display finally lets you glance at the Watch to check the time. You don’t need to make the slightly ridiculous “I’m checking the time, now” gesture with your arm and wrist.


Despite the always-on screen, Apple manages to keep the Series 5’s battery life at 18 hours.

Other notable features in this Watch include Apple’s acclaimed heart-monitoring features. These include an ECG app, emergency SOS and fall detection, and international emergency calling. It also has haptic feedback in the crown, 50-meter water resistance, and a larger screen with narrower bezels.

iWatch Series 5
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Additional Features:

TheΒ Apple Watch 5 is being packed with new features, as well as the latest design. The smartwatch features an Always-On Retina display. This allows you to read the time easily. It also provides easy access to messages and other relevant notifications.

TheΒ smartwatch includes an updated ECG app and many new safety features. These features allow you to make emergency calls quickly. The waterproof smartwatch also tracks activities like workouts, and also count the calories burned.

Of course, the Watch syncs up with your favourite iPhone for complete control over your smartwatch experience. However, this Watch does require an iPhone 6 or later to work correctly.

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iWatch Series 5
Best deals on iWatch Series 5 and the right time to get one

Apple iWatch 5: Good News For Users:

The Series 5 will be an excellent upgrade for i-watch fans. It attracts the users who are still wearing their Series 1 or 2, and even 3. They can upgrade to this series if they want a little more functionality for the Watch.

Best Buy’s Apple Event:

Best Buy’s Apple Event is going to happen now. The sale even includes price cuts on the all-new Apple Watch 5. For only a particular time limit, you can quickly get the Series 5 smartwatchΒ for $349.

There is a $50 discount on the Watch. This will be the best price we’ll ever find for the 40mm smartwatch.

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