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Apple Maps: Re-prioritized The Categories In Search List, Focusing The Pandemic

Coronavirus changes everything. People are quarantined in their homes. This time Apple makes changes in maps so people easily find essential. Take a look to Apple’s this update and how Apple reprioritised the categories in search list on focusing this pandemic. Details below:-

Apple Maps Update

Apple lunch a new update for Apple Maps for mobile. In this Apple add few categories in his search list. Likewise special buttons regarding food delivery, medical services and groceries.

These buttons are prioritized above the regular restaurant, gas station buttons. This change helps the user who is in coronavirus zone. He can find his essentials a bit easy and quick.

How This Is Helpful

Apple Maps

This prioritizing help everyone. From a customer perspective, it is easy to find delivery restaurants and other essential shops. You have to just open and automatically map will show all the essential services near you. From a small business perspective whose shop is nearly going to shut down due to coronavirus pandemic. This new update helps him too. Now he can list his business and reach his customer easily. So this helps both way.

Google’s Update Regarding This

Google maps also changes his features regarding coronavirus pandemic. It is quite similar with Apple maps features. Similarly, it also prioritised your essential services. You can find them easily. Which shop is open near you. Subsequently, it also allows a label special for lockdown as temporarily closed.

Both Google and Apple are working on several new tools to fight with Coronavirus pandemic. Meantime Apple launches few updates for Siri. So Siri can tell you basic symptoms of coronavirus and also suggests precautions. They also launches few features in their main screen regarding coronavirus. it shows most infected zones and display world health organisations latest updates.

Hence we can see everyone fighting this Coronavirus pandemic at their own level. We had to stay at home for own and others safety. Keep visiting and we will give all updates.

Apple Maps

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